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Passive Harmonic Filters

PHF is kind of low-pass harmonic filter to help improving harmonic currents, so that the total THDI and THDV can meet the limits of IEEE519,and the power factor can reach above 0.95 at 100% loading. There is no resonance between PHF and system power. The input capacity can be switching in different groups according to the load request, to avoid the over compensation and under compensation of power factor.


In compliance with:IEEE-519, EN61558-2-20,EN60076-6

Approval marks:T.pngu.png4.png3.png

Operating condition

Rated voltage: 220V-690V

Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Voltage unbalance distortion rate: <1%

Total harmonic current distortion : According to IEEE519

Total voltage distortion limits: Special application (hospitals、airports) 3%,
General system applications 5%

Line voltage tolerance: +/-10%

System impedance: 1.5%-6%

Dielectric test: 50Hz 3KV,60s

Cooling method: Natural air

Ambient temperature: -40 to +50℃

Elevation above sea level: ≤1000m a.s.l.(≤4000m optional)

Protection class: IP00( IP20 to IP54 optional)


THDI Target value: 5%, 8%,12% at 100% load

Efficiency: >95%

Insulation class: H(UL approved resin and capacitor)

Overload capability: 1.5 times rated current for 1 minute

Design method : Three phase, dry type iron core, multiple air gap

Winding material : Copper/Aluminum

Terminals : Copper terminals or busbars

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