How Harmonic Filters Stop Distortions in Networks with High Harmonic Levels?

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Harmonic filters are readily accessible in diverse types. Each filter has a unique design. The filtering processes are suggested and might be needed to stop the distortions in networks with high harmonic levels. As a harmonic filter manufacturer, we are going to elaborate on how these filters work to stop distortions. 

Passive Filters

This filter contains a circuit series of harmonic filter reactors. The harmonic currents triggered by a frequency converter are pushed by this circuit. In this way, it has low impedance at the provided frequency contrasted with the other network. 

At the resonance frequency, these passive filters provide low impedance. The analogous harmonic current will flow into the circuit whatsoever its scale. These filters could be overloaded due to which they can turn off or get damaged. The overload can be triggered by the existence of the unexpected harmonics on the main system. The filtering extent given by the passive filter is provided by its impedance relevant to other impedances of the network. Because of this reason, the level of filtration could not be managed. Its tuning frequency might get affected with time because of old components. In this way, the filtration quality gets worse. 

It is imperative that this filter circuit takes care of the harmonic factor. An additional filter circuit is needed for every harmonic that has to be filtered. In accordance to overcome the issues linked with passive filters, the active harmonic filters are designed. The combination of these filters is able to stop the distortions in the networks.


Active Filters

The active filters are the arrangements using power electronics. They are installed in parallel or series form with the nonlinear load to give the harmonic currents needed by the nonlinear load. In this way, the distortion is stopped on the network with high harmonic levels. 

These filters are efficient and suggested for the commercial installations. They are utilized for the conditions where the current distortion should be compressed to avoid the overloads.

Active filters are one of the best harmonic filters. They are used in the form of parallel filter. These filters have the capacity to supply harmonic currents utilized by the consumer. In diverse situations, the frequency current is acquired from the supply network of the power utility. These filters are digital. At present, many active filters are available in the market that can control the current. Not just that, they can easily filter the harmonic current. The harmonic generators outside the circuit do not get affected by this filter.

These filters have the ability to filter out the harmonic currents up to their minimal current. For each particular frequency, it is imperative to consider the reduction or derating factor.

Final Words

After looking at the above explanation about filters, you can come to know how they are suitable to stop the distortion in a network. The passive filters provide huge capacity for the filtering of current and PF correction. However, it is essential to perform installations in a proper manner. These filters need to be stable to control the harmonic levels and stop distortion.

On the other hand, the active filters help to control the frequencies. They are suitable for any load. In short, if you want to control the distortion, then you have to be choosy about the harmonic filters.

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