What is Meant by Power Factor?

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Many people are not familiar with the power factor term. However, it is an exciting thing to know. Also, when you come to know about power factor and how it affects diverse things, then it will help you in the long run. When you will need generators or load banks for your workplace or home than your power factor knowledge will help you a lot. By having proper knowledge, you will have the capacity to reduce your electricity bills.

What is meant by power factor?

Now, we are going to discuss the power factor in detail. It is the term which applies to the delivery and supply of electric power. Before going to have a deep understanding of this term, you have to know its main components that are reactive power and working power.

The reactive power is important to sustain the electromagnetic field. It does not show up on the meters, but the working power shows onto the meters. You can measure the reactive power in Kilovolt Amperes. On the other hand, the working power is the main current, which is consumed by the workplace or home. You can measure it in kilowatts.

The power factor is the kilowatt divided by Kilovolt Amperes. It will always be amid two numbers, which is 0 and 1.

Many companies need transformers and generators. These machines are rated in Kilovolt Amperes. It is the total needed capacity that incorporates reactive and working power. It is also recognized as the apparent power.

Why Should You Know About Power factor?

Power factor is dependable for the total energy costs. Due to this reason, one should know about it properly. There are many advantages of improving the power factor correction circuit. When you improve this factor, then it will have a direct impact on your electricity bills. It will also improve overall efficiency, which will maximize your savings.

The low power factor is down to inductive loads. It is defined by the KW to KVA ratio. This factor occurs when the kW is small as compared to the KVA.

The inductive loads can vary from induction transformers and generators. These types of loads are mostly present in big buildings and structures.


Ways To Improve Power factor

There is always a method to maximize the power factor. All you have to do is to take advantage of the components that lower it. The components can be generators and capacitors. They consume reactive power, which indirectly maximizes the power factor. Some of the ways to improve the factor of power are the following:

• Decrease and avoid wasting time.

• Proper maintenance is important daily. It might involve the replacement of the broken components.

• Do not use the light loaded motors.

• You need to install the best capacitors

So, if you want to save cash on the electricity bills, then you have to pay attention to the power factor. Before installing any transformer or generator, you should have a deep understanding of what factor of power is! It will help you in overcoming the power failure problems.

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