Power Factor Correction

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When you are running an industry, you will need to worry about every detail, and one of the most important of these details is electrical power consumption of your industry. Normally in the industry, you will be consuming the electrical power that you are paying for, but there can be some cases where you are not consuming the electrical power that you are paying for every month. This problem of not consuming the total electrical power is called low power factor.

3 Phase Detuned Reactor Filter - LTEC

 However, like every problem, technology has invented a solution for this problem, and a reactor is made for this power factor correction. LTEC electric company has made a reactor to help out the industries in power factor correction.

LTEC has made this (pictured above) 3 phase AC detuned filter. This filter can help in power factor correction. If we talk about the technical specifications of the filter, the manufacturers have mentioned that this detuned 3 phase filter can be generally used in series with the capacitors. By using the filter in series with the capacitor, the power factor correction can be improved. LTEC has added in the specifications on their website that the filter can be tuned according to a specific resource. This tuning of filter will help in absorbing the harmonic current, which is found in the grid that eventually helps power factor correction.


The reactor is equipped with copper winding, and it can practically be used in any part of the world as the technical specification reflect that it can be used in any temperature between -25 to -35 Celsius. It is comparatively cheaper than other similar equipment of any other manufacturer as you won’t need a special cooling method. The filter only requires natural air, which is used for cooling. If we take a look at the voltage of the filter, the manufacturers have mentioned that the filter can be used and operated on any voltage between 230V to 690V. A point that I would like to add a point here that the weight of the filter is 19kg. There is an 18 months warranty that comes with the filter. As far as the usage type of the detuned 3 phase filter is concerned, it is a harmonic filter and has a low-frequency character.

The reactor filter has multiple air gaps, with copper terminals and an iron core. Another factor of the technical side of any reactor or filter is the shape of the core. Specifications of the reactor filter have listed that is a squared shape core, and they have also processed the filter through the basic safety measures and technical testing which has resulted in having an ISO certification.

So, if you are running a business, especially if you are heading an industry, you will need to keep an eye on the low power factor. I would like to personally recommend this 3 phase detuned reactor filter which comes with 18 months of guarantee for power factor correction.

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