Advantages of Power Factor Correction

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There are different advantages of power factor correction. It reduces the charges on your system of power but also increases the load carrying capacities in the circuit. There are many other environmental disadvantages linked with this factor correction. Whether you go for this correction at your home or office, it will be useful for the environment. It basically decreases the carbon footprint which helps the environment. 


1. Decreases The Demand Charges

Different electricity companies go for the highest demand charges. These charges are dependent on the registered demand in KW or KVA. In the event that the power factor is pretty low then you need to know that KVA will be greater. In this condition, KW demand will be less than KVA. With the help of power factor correction, the power factor will improve which will decrease the demand charges. Because of this reason, the electricity bill will reduce.

2. Maximum Load Carrying Capacities in the Circuits

At the time when the load draws the reactive power then it also increases the demand of the reactive current. It is important to install the capacitors of power factor correction to reduce the amount of current running in the existing circuits. These capacitors will also reduce the current flow and will enable the circuit to carry out the new loads. Therefore, the individuals will save their money on upgrading the shared network when the additional capacity is needed for extra machinery. Moreover, the resistive losses will reduce in the existing circuit just because of the reduction in the current flow. 

3. Better Voltage

The higher flow of current is because of the low power factor for a particular load. When the current line maximizes then the voltage drop starts increasing in the conductor. Due to this reason, the machinery will have low voltage. With the better power factor, it is easy to reduce the voltage drop in the conductor. Thus, the machinery will get better voltage.

4. Decreased Power System Losses

The monetary return from the reduction loss of the conductor is good enough to justify the capacitors installation. However, it is an added benefit particularly in old plants that contain big feeders. The power system losses are directly proportional to the current. So, when the power factor will improve then the current will reduce. In this way, the power system losses will start decreasing which will be benefit for the individuals. 

5. Decreased Carbon Footprint

The individuals or companies can put less strain on the grid of electricity by just going for the power factor improvement. They can also reduce the demand charge by doing this correction. On the other hand, the carbon footprint will also reduce. With the passage of time, the reduction in the demand charge on the grid will decrease the carbon footprint to a great level.

By checking out all the above advantages of power factor correction, you will come to know its importance. It will not be good for your pocket but also for the environment. It does not cost too much yet can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. So, you should make the most of it.

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