Advantages of Power Factor Improvement

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Power factor improvement has many advantages. It can decrease the demand charges on your main power system. It can also maximize the load carrying capacity in your circuits. Due to this reason, the overall power of the system will stop losing. However, the advantages of the power factor improvement are not restricted to the balance sheet. There are different environmental advantages linked to it. It implies that your company will be reducing its carbon footprint which will be good for the environment. If you want to know the main advantages of detuned power factor correction then no issue! We have mentioned below the advantages in detail:


1.    Reduced Charges of Demand

There are different electric utility companies that charge for more meter demands. They are dependent on the maximum recorded demand in KW or percentage of the maximum recorded demand in KVA. When the power factor is low, then the percentage of the estimated KVA will be greater as compared to the KW demand. At the time when you will go for the power factor correction then it will low down the charges of demand. In this manner, your electricity bill will be reduced.

2.    Maximize the Load Carrying Capacity in Your Circuits

The reactive power loads can also demand in reactive current. After the installation of the power factor correction improvement capacitors with the existing circuits will reduce the current load carried by every circuit. When the current flow reduces then it will enable the circuit to carry new loads. Because of this reason, you will be saving the upgrading cost of the distribution network. You will not need additional capacity for the machinery. Moreover, the reduction in the flow of current will reduce the resistive losses in the circuit.

3.    Improvement in the Voltage

The low power factor will be able to trigger a high flow of current for the specified load. When the current line increases then the voltage drop will also increase in the conductor. It might also be effective in lowering the voltage at the machinery. By improving the power factor, the voltage drop will start reducing in the conductor. In this way, the voltage of the machinery will also improve.

4.    The Power Loss of The System Will Reduce

The economic return from the conductor loss decrease is rarely enough to rationalize the capacitors installation. At times, it is a decent advantage especially when it comes to the older plants with the long feeders. The losses of system conductor are proportionate to the square of the current. The reduction of current is directly proportional to the power factor improvement. Nevertheless, the power factor square is inversely proportional to the losses.

5.    Reduction In The Carbon Footprint

As mentioned above, the power factor correction unit can reduce the demand charge. So, your company will be able to put less strain on the grid of electricity. It can help in reducing the production of carbon. On the other hand, the improvement of the power factor can improve electrical efficiency as well.

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